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Meditative Light Therapy 

YOUR AWAKENINGMeditative Light Therapy

Deep Relaxation, Effortless Meditation and Self Healing

Light and Sound Brainwave Technology Offering You:

  • Access To Your Inner Wisdom

  • Pineal Gland Activation

  • Stress Reduction

  • Emotional Clearing


Ron Davis
With greater than 25 years of applied knowledge providing edge of your seat motivational presentations that not only connect you fully with life but also achieve an exhilarating experience which is guaranteed to stay with you through every one of life's journeys.

Ron completed training at Rhodes Wellness College in Vancouver, BC. A noted authority on helping families and individuals create enduring legacies that flourish generation after generation, Ron provides coaching in one-on-one, couples, family and group settings.




The AJNA LIGHT is a tool that Awakens one, and brings on deeper conscious states, it accelerates the experience of deep meditation with no effort by the user. It magnifies the inner experience of “Presence” often creating direct personal interaction with guides and higher consciousness.